When people ask me what I do,

my response is often predicated by the context.... who is asking and the environment in which the question is posed.

I am a welder, designer, structural fabricator, jeweler, and occasionally I have the courage to reply that I am an artist, 

but my default is simply to say,

 I make things.






About the Current Work:

My most recent body of jewelry work is fabricated from a high tensile strength, small gauge stainless steel; a material which I've been exploring for the past 12 years.  The nature of this metal allows me to create deceptively strong, yet visually fragile and complex forms with very small diameter wires.  I use an arc welding process at precise settings to join the metal, melting and fusing it together at the tiny joints, and although welding and stainless steel are typically considered industrial or utilitarian, I liken my process to sewing... stitching together threads of steel to create sculptural, wearable forms.  Because I am heavily influenced by minimalism, my focus remains strictly on the metal, responding to its physical capabilities and revealing its aesthetic essence.