When people ask me what I do,

my response is often predicated by the context.... who is asking and the environment in which the question is posed.

I am a welder, machinist, designer, bartender, metalsmith, jeweler, and occasionally I have the courage to reply that I am an artist, 

but my default is simply to say,
 I make things.


For me, working is to find the connections, the underlying system that resolves the problem, and disciplines are never mutually exclusive.

Mixing drinks made me a better welder. Repairing jewelry helped me understand interpersonal dynamics. Building structures that have to hold human weight instigated a curiosity about planets and space.


Assembly line, ultra-specialized thinking serves a purpose, but how it is ingrained into the American psyche is detrimental to advancement.

I am an interdisciplinary cheerleader, and I strive to inhabit, as a maker, all the gray and niche-less.

Maybe one day my welder will wed my sewing machine, and together, they will bake perfect apple pies, write songs and keep up on advancements in neuroscience.